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1 //=============================================================================
2 /*! complex*_zhsmatrix operator */
3 inline _zgsmatrix operator*(const comple& d, const _zhsmatrix& mat)
5  zgsmatrix newmat =mat.to_zgsmatrix();
6  return d*newmat;
7 }
_zgsmatrix to_zgsmatrix() const
Complex Double-precision General Sparse Matrix Class.
Definition: zgsmatrix.hpp:3
_zgsmatrix operator*(const comple &d, const _zhsmatrix &mat)
(DO NOT USE) Smart-temporary Real Double-precision General Sparse Matrix Class
Definition: _zgsmatrix.hpp:3
(DO NOT USE) Smart-temporary Complex Double-precision Hermitian Sparse Matrix Class ...
Definition: _zhsmatrix.hpp:3